Presseball Berlin cordially invites on January 12th, 2019 at the Maritim Hotel Berlin.

Presseball Berlin

The preparations for the opening event “70 Years of the Federal Republic of Germany” & “30 Years of the Fall of the Berlin Wall” for the upcoming Presseball Berlin have been in full swing for months.

We are delighted about the numerous national and international participant confirmations. Renowned personalities from the international media world as well as exponents from politics, business and culture are looking forward to a beautiful ball night.

Be there live when journalists, publishers, politicians, artists and living legends come together on a lively ball night and differences are charmingly set aside for a night.

Presseball News

Vereinte Nationen, Christoph Heusgen

Die Vereinten Nationen zum Presseball

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Edzard Reuter

Edzard Reuter zum Presseball 2019

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Presseball Berlin – Das Probessen

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